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Who we are
CH Technologies is an IT based company with vast cross sectional interest not only in the IT industry but also in Community Development support. With a strong background in faith (We believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) we live to serve the interest of our clients and from the financial support that we receive, we share it with those that our welfare department will have identified as vulnerable. So for every project/contract you or cent that you give to CH Technologies, you are helping a family/child somewhere. Doesn’t this sound great?

Registered in 2012, at a (Pty) Limited company, we are here to serve. Our uniqueness in this area has seen us win accolades in the countries that we operate in. We are an indigenous company but with a few outsourced brains just to complete the stack of techies that the current dynamic IT industry requires.

Each client that we encounter to us is a unique and special client. Either you want to be trained on how to use internet or you want a complex server configuration for your company. We do not compromise our service provision. We give you the services you need to the best of our abilities. We do not sideline small businesses. To us, you all deserve quality treatment of service

What we do
We provide lots of services and products to our clients and by “our clients”, we mean you. We provide varieties of IT and IT related services. Check onto our Service link from the main menu above to find out the levels of services provided.

We also participate in the bidding process in both IT and Non IT sectors from Private, Municipality, Local Government and Government calls for service delivery.

Our services can be framed into a single paragraph statement as; We deal in the Sales of Hardware and Software. We do not just sale but configure these products to function in away that meets your business needs and also provide you with training that you require to manage and maintain these systems, above all, we provide you with an “all round” Emergency response just incase part or the entire system functions otherwise or simply fails. In the end, you have a great service with a Quality of Service (QoS) assured!

We have a welfare department that we have created to provide some charity assistance in the basic human needs to the local communities. We do not specialize in a locality. Any place within the country that our Welfare department recommends, we rush their and give the little we can afford. 

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