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System Crash
Unlike a system failure, system crashed are no hard to deal with. From no where,  “ka-boooom” you hear sound followed sometimes by smell of burning wires. The power supply of your system  has burst/blown.
Sometimes you start your system only to hear deep beeping sound…(beeeeeeeeeeeppp……beeeeeeeeeppp…beeeeeeeeeeep). Sometimes they are short beeping sounds….(beep… beep…..beep….)
Different sounds all mean different problems. Systems do crash and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. Many computers are given warranties of 5 years but some computers have pushed for 10 years day in day out on power serving their bosses. These computers have been so fast and active in serving their bosses. They have been so loyal that the bosses have failed to give them leaves or simply celebrate their retirements and put them up in their achives has “My best servant ever”. They simply go on using them. Sometimes they also get tired and give up without informing you.
System crashed are a little bit difficult to deal with because unlike system failures, there will be no clue as to how the crash happened and in such situations, we do not recommend a non techie to try and do anything. Please just call for help.

System crashed always require the dis-assembly of the entire system components and re-testing each itrm starting with the most vital one “The one that contains your data – the Hard drive”
Depending on the nature of your system crash, we cannot guarantee immediate response. There is always a time lag of between 30 minutes to one hour for temporary continuity with no user data or 3-72 hours with full system restore.

Explaining “Temporary continuity with No user data”
A good example could be a small Micro-credit company with five remote branches and one single server. When this server fails. We replace a temporary server with the same user instances and same connectivity parameters so that the remote offices can continue operation. If this was a mail server for instance, old user data will not be available. Users can send emails and receive but wont access their old mails or other user data as that will be in the crashed server.
Please have your servers on remote backups, cloud backup or off-site backup to solve such problems.
Call our technical team to your rescue.

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