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Data is the most important aspect of any organization.
Organizations can spend millions of Rand just to ensure the data required for the running of their organizations is safe and secure. Do you know why? Because every organization data is unique to only that organization and to make it even more interesting is that data is an accumulation of very important information over time. Organizations are strongly running today because of data that has accumulated for over 10, 20 or even 100 years. Some of the people who contributed to that special data may be long gone but work still live and are the result of powerful innovations. Apple as a company is one great example.

Some one looses a phone worth R30000 but the things he crys for are data he had saved in the phone, the contacts and other things and not the phone. This is because he can go to the shop and buy the same phone but no where will he buy the data he had.

End User Data protection
With End user data protection, we mean securing user information from the point its entered into the computer, to the storage mediums all along way to the storage servers and also controlling and securing the hardware and software they use in data processing. These include but are not limited to;
Only particular users may send jobs to the printer
Only particular users can use removable storage mediums
Only particular users can read email or even send attachments. And many other policies.
This helps the organization is minimizing and controlling resource misuse and securing data

Data Storage and Backup
Data storage is very important that enables organizations to easily restore and continue with service provision or the running of their daily operations incase of an eventful failure.  We have three types of backup namely;
Manual Backup
With a manual backup, a user inserts an external hard drive and locally backs up from the computer. He/she may also burn the data on CDs or DVDs

Off-site Backup.
With offsite backup, we configure a server and place it to any location of your choice or at our server warehouses and instant real time of your data shall be deposited to this secondary server. Incase of your primary server failing or your business premise catching fire or other damage, your data shall be very safe. Depending on your financial might, you can have more than one secondary backup servers securely placed in more than one place.

Cloud Backup.
With cloud backup, you purchase space and bandwidth from Backup companies. A copy of your data can then be configured to deposit data in real time to servers placed in the States, Germany, UK or other sites. You can request for an online instant access to any of this data.

Regardless of the Backup type you may choose, we shall gladly configure it for you.

Data Recovery and Continuity
With your most vital information data safely backup, you don’t have to worry of ever breaking down your operations. You don’t have to worry of any catastrophic eventualities unless the world comes to an end.
Data recovery is easy and flexible. However a small down time may be experienced while data is recovered or restored to a new system.

For Cloud Data servers, this may even take longer than 48 hours to restore. Limitations are caused by your bandwidth. You can request for a dedicated link from your ISP to fasten up the recovery duration.

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