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Personalized Emails
Let your business look smart and professional with personalized email addresses. Why run a big company called Emere Food Chain Stores and use public emails such as google, yahoo, hotmail to make orders and supplies to your clients.
Much as using free public emails is good, it has led to a lot of internet fraud. For example your email address is emerefoods@gmail.com or emerefoodstore@yahoo.com. A hacker can easily create a similar email on another account such as emerefoods@lycos.com or even just add/delete a letter such as emerefood@gmail.com or emere_foodstore@yahoo.com and contact your innocent clients.

With a personalized email, you control who owns an email account and you absolutely have the entire control of your domain. You can have special emails such as sales@emerefoodstore.com, support@emerefoodstore.com , info@emerefoodstore.com and many others as you so wish.

In-House Email Servers
If you are the type of an organization that has more than 50 workers each running a task on a computer, having an email address for each of them is crucial. In such an organization, we recommend having an managing their emails. Public email providers have lots of limitations on their bandwith. You will not be in position to send some sizes of attachments save alone for  the security and privacy of your information.

We can provide you will all the support you require in these situations. We can get you personalized emails even if you don’t have a website.
We can also design and implement for you a full in-house email server so you can have 100% control over your emails.
Send us an email today and we shall get you going…

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