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System Failure
A system failure in the inability for the system to perform its intended function.  System failure is a general word to describe a system that has either failed to start, or has started but not doing what its meant to do. A system failure can occur either as a result of corrupted software or as a result of a malfunctioned hardware.

No System just fails. Information Technology Systems/Information Systems DO NOT just fail. They keep showing you abnormal behaviors on non monitor systems or warning system messages on monitor screens that something should be done or something not right is happening.
A good example is a hard drive failure, a hard drive may start developing clicking sounds. During start up, your system may struggle to start up and after several attempts, messages such as “Your system has recovered from a fatal error” could pop up.
Other messages related to hard disk drives are;
Bad read sectors detected, please run your system disk check utility to correct this.
Please defragment your hard drive etc
Ignoring such messages or abnormal system behaviors are the ones that lead to system failures.

When a system fails, precautions need to be taken only by your system administrator. Incase you don’t have any system administrators, please call for help. On a number of situations, what started as a simple system malfunction that can easily be fixed has ended up paralyzing the entire organizations business because someone not technical enough about the system tried to fix the problem.

Simple Recommended fix
We have a single general fix solution and that is;

If the system restarts successfully well and good BUT that is a very good sign that something MUST be done.
If you are a non techie or know something little and go ahead to try and fix the problem, make sure you have a pen and paper to document what you have tried to fix and write down all system messages that you will be encountering during your pursuit.
Incase you fail or simply didn’t try, please call our technical helpline available 24/7 for assistance

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