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Network failures
This is another fragile field. It could look simple from one computer on a modem stick but extremely completed on a corporate network of hundreds of computers on two to three different racks on different switches accessing the same gateway.
Troubleshooting network failures is not an easy task.
You need to know who, why, what or where the problem could be arising from.

Could it be on a single node?
Is it from the switch?
Is it from the rack?
Is it a cable, RJ45, wall plate, poor termination?
Is it my ISP?
Is it the Router?

Who or what is affected? Etc are some of the technical questions you will need to ask before attempting to fix a network problem and depending on the answers and urgency of your network, solutions have to be reached to immediately.

Please call us if you have a network problem. We shall assist you promptly. However, we cannot guarantee your business continuity if the problem is arising on the side of your ISP.
Remember your internet service provider can only troubleshoot up to the DSU/CSU (Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit). What ever is after that is your problem but don’t worry. We are hear! Call us today. At CH, you will always smile. Rest assured we shall handle it.

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